Oddity with Open GL off

So I’ve been running with Open GL on, and then for grins I went back and turned it off to see how much better it ran (MUCH!), so I started running my projects that way. This morning I just went back to look at an earlier project and I noticed that two characters are filled in entirely in black. Confused I opened up their symbols and zoomed in to fix it. As soon as I zoomed in, the color was back. When I went back to 100% or the “Size to Fit” option, they were black again. Turning on Open GL also forced them to render correctly.

Is there something I’m missing here? I suppose I could just work with it as is, but it seems silly to have to put up with that, even if it doesn’t render out that way…

When looking at anything with the Camera view, you usually need to have OpenGL enabled. If you’re having issues viewing things with OpenGL, make sure that you have real-time antialiasing disabled. This will make things run a lot faster.

Sorry, I misspoke. OpenGL is on, it was real time anti-aliasing that I was turning off and on.