Odd Troubles Importing Flash Artwork

Being new to TBS and all, I quite often find myself more comfortable drawing in flash, in which I’ve had a few years experience, also I do not like to draw in TBS because of how slow it tends to run. So I draw my art in Flash 8 Pro and I export it as a Swf. file (uncompressed) then I go to import it into TBS and it imports into the library showing a video icon. Then I go to drag it out to the timeline and nothing happens, not even a message. What could I be doing wrong?



Have you tried the Import Files… function from the File menu rather then import from the library. This should import it directly on the scene.

Let me know if you have some difficulties with this one as well.

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I tried that and the same thing happened. Maybe I am exporting it wrongly from Flash, what would be the proper way of exporting the art?

I suspect that you are publishing your movie as a Flash 8 SWF. Try changing your publishing setting in Flash to Flash 6 and then follow UGO’s instructions to import from the File menu. There are features in Flash 8 that TBS does not support and it is alway safer to publish your Flash work as Version 6 before trying to import into TBS. -JK

Thank’s I’ll try that