odd issue with animator

i downloaded Pro and tried it out a couple of weeks ago and everything worked fine but unistalled it and downloaded animator 2 thinking it might be better to learn. well today i decided to try Pro again so redownloaded and opened it up and while I was watching videos I noticed Pro aswell as 2 were “saving” the last thing I was looking at on the drawing board. Fresh instal and still doing it even after rebooting. anyone have any ideas? this is very frustrating to have this happen all of a sudden.

Thank you for your time

ok it seems to be a video card issue. I had to go to basic from aero so i could view my drawing but unfortunetly it gave me this issue and i can not draw anyway. My drivers are up to do and I do have openGl but is there an option i need to change for this to function?

ok no one knows how this is to be fixed so we reformated my partition and now it works. so somewhere in the last 2 weeks my machine must have done a stupid update which messed it up and has kept me from using it. we will not downloade any updates other then mandatory ones.

This worked. hated to have to clean it since only 2 programs were on it but it fixed it.

I even stumped the geek squad at best buy with this.

We always recommend to turn off the Aero scheme when working with Windows 7 or Vista because it has been known to cause compatibility issues. Just work with the Basic scheme. Also make sure to update graphics drivers, and make sure that you have a compatible graphics card.