odd behavior in file made from FinalDraft xml

I am able to import xml and make storyboard without problem but when I save the proj what I get is a folder full of the contents of the sboard file…just as if you control click the sboard file and selected ‘view contents’. The sboard file in there will still open normally but when I try to pass that file to someone on another computer, I get memory address error and it won’t open…Why can’t I get everything to save as normal sboard file with everythingINSIDE that sboard ‘package’?

…My files appear normally on the computer that I authored them on a macbook pro and on another mac running stbd pro but when I go to put them on a friend’s PC, they appear as a folder with the project file inside. I’ve tried every combination of file transfer and also with zipped files to no effect…each time the file appears as folder and when I select and try to open the project file , I get a memory read error and it quits…Could this problem result from a different version of program…he just bought his but I didn’t check if it was ‘service pack 1’

Hi,Actually, what you see on your friend’s PC is the real structure of a Storyboard project. On Mac this structure is hidden within the .sboard file. You can actually see it by right clicking on the .sboard and Show Package Content. PC do not have this concept of packaging folders so it is normal he won’t get access to the same view as you when he creates projects. This being said, for transferring projects from one machine to another you should usually archive (zip/tar/rar) the folder structure before sending it.We are working on a system that would allow you to package storyboard files from within the software which should be available in the upcoming version of the software.Best regards,Ugo

Thanks, I understand now on the package contents, but the project file still fails to opem and program terminates with a ‘memory read’ error. Is it possible that if my friend doesn’t have service pack 1 installed that this could cause the problem? I zipped everything on the mac before sending …is there one brand of zip utility that must be used…whatever it is I’ll get it…Everyone I’ll be working with seems to be on the PC and I’m authoring the handout stbd files on Mac.Thanks,Woody

Hi,If you did install the SP1 and he didn’t you would indeed get error messages. You should compare the versions of your software to make sure you are in sync.Regards,Ugo