Obviously it was a bad idea to purchase ToonBoom Studio

…on March 13, 2004.

I can’t believe i have to pay horrendous 199USD for the 2.5 update just a few weeks after my purchase of the full version license (which btw was pretty useless in Panther until i found a download link to version 1.2.2(r5) thanks to a fellow forum user)

Anyway - TBS is a very nice software package and i guess i’ll pay for this sweet update. But believe me i’ll do so with a very unpleasant feeling.

A nice weekend to everyone.

Dirk Lenz

read my response to one of the other posts on v2.5: why not send Toon Boom an e-mail first, you should be entitled to the new version. Make sure you register the software first !

good luck,



forgot to mention that i sent two emails to their info and sales addresses a few days ago asking if i would qualify for a free update but got no reply.

Dirk Lenz


yes i tried it and found the link to v1.2.1 – no Update.

Dirk Lenz

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that i got an email from a friendly Toon Boom team member enabling me to download and REGISTER version 2.5.

Therefore (and after a first look at 2.5) the title of this thread is no longer valid.

It was a good idea to purchase Toon Boom Studio :slight_smile:

Dirk Lenz