"Obtain Licence Key" Thing

So when I downloaded Toon Boom Animated Pro PLE it says I need a Licence Key…? Its says I can get it free. When I click on the Obtain Licence Key, it redirects me to a page that says “This section is for members only. You are not authorized to access this section.”
What do I do? How do I become a member or something? I’m sooo confused!

What link did you use to download the PLE?

The PLE’s should allow you to use them without a license.

However, other than Storyboard Pro they are no longer supported as far as I can tell as Toon Boom is encouraging everyone to choose one of the three levels of Harmony 12.

This is what I could pull from my personal account:

"Getting Started with your Trial

Enable the trial license of the Toon Boom software you would like to try using the table above. (I only have links for the three Harmony 12 levels and Storyboard Pro in the My Account area.)

Use the download link specific to your partform (Windows or Mac OS X) to start downloading the software you would like to try.

Once downloaded on your computer (or if you obtained the software download previously), open the file and follow the instructions to install the application on your computer.

Launch the application and select “Try Now”
Next, Login with your Toon Boom ID (same ID that you use to login to this website)

Need Help?
Need help getting started? Please contact our Support department and we will assist you."