OBS not showing my stage

I stream my work. But when I try to add a new window capture for harmony essentials, when everything is already on the stage, it shows a WHITE STAGE and stays on that no matter what I do.

It’s getting on my nerves, how do I make this thing work like it’s supposed to?

I’m having the some problem D: I can’t find how to fix it

It could be that OBS interacts poorly with OpenGL which is used
for display in the Stage window. Or it might be your graphic card
running out of memory.

If it’s memory, try closing other programs and web pages. Boot
the system with only one monitor attached if you regularly use
more. Check your graphic card driver settings and optimize
it for performance.

Check with the makers of OBS to see if there are any known issues
displaying OpenGL windows.

You HAVE to use “Screen Capture” instead of “Window Capture” in OBS for it to work with Toon Boom. Unfortunate, especially if you use multiple Windows while streaming, but this is the only workaround that I have found.