objects disappearing when rendering 3d models

I’ve run into this several times. For example, let’s say I create the model of a room in Maya and import it into Harmony. One of the objects in the room is a study desk. The room shows up fine, any other objects I may have made show up fine, but the desk isn’t there. I can see it, when it’s in the “pre-render” screen but as soon as I hit render, it disappears. Any ideas?

Well, here’s what I have noticed. If an object doesn’t render, I go back to the Maya file – I can duplicate the object, delete the one that does not appear from Maya, and re-export as a maya and FBX file, and there it is!

I never did figure it out… It’s like certain materials don’t render in toon boom.

This has happened to me twice. I’m working on a scene, and suddenly I can’t do anything in the camera view. I get a red circle with a ghostbusters slash. I ain’t afraid o no ghosts. But I’m unable to do anything. It’s not line art or color art causing it. I’ve tried switching to both. I can close out and go back in to Harmony and select something but then after that I get the red circle. I am possibly afraid of ghosts.

Harmony is highly context-sensitive but the next time this happens, contact support to have a look on your system because there are potentially many things that could cause it.

Is Maya installed on the rendering system? Have you set up the environment variables to render through Maya? Maybe the shading type is not supported. Remember that pre-render, you are looking at the OpenGL viersion (i.e. screen render) so it’s the actual object render through Maya that is failling. Is there a light source for your 3D object?

Have you tried isolating the 3D object? Does the object fall inside the Camera cone? Are you perhaps in Display_All mode without your 3D model being connected to the network?

It may be easier to resolve if you contact support directly since it’s probably necessary to examine the scene.