Object Orientation

Hi Guys,

  1. In the flash when i press the shortcut ctrl + up and ctrl + down the grouped object comes forward and goes backward. How to do same thing in Harmony. I know the tool properties panel have a draw behind option, but i need the object should move front or back like flash.

  2. How to align the objects center on the stage and also aligning the objects with their center position.


1: Select your group, Right Click, in the pop up menu select arrange, and in the sub menu select bring to front or send to back, also the hot keys should be noted right next to it.

2: I think you are referring to drawing pivot, there is a tool located under the dropper tool, which is under the line tool. you get one of these per drawing layer and peg layer.

Hi gabe,


  1. Yes, I got it :slight_smile: - ctrl + pageUp, ctrl + pageDown.

  2. I am asking how to align the object center to the stage or camera (pivot already aligned center on that specific object). In the photoshop I select the entire scene (ctrl + A) or select the multiple layers and click the selection tool (V) then appears aligning options on top of the rulers - align horizontal center, align vertical center, etc… I want to do this same thing in Harmony.


The tool properties tab has a few snapping options for the select tool, including “snap and align”.
You can view and adjust the grid by right clicking in the camera/ drawing tab and going to grid> show grid. There’s no auto center, to my knowledge. I just eye-ball it.