Object order along z-axis is not respected for certains elements

I have an issue with some drawings in a scene. Nudging the drawing (alt+ up or down arrow) makes it go in front of everything or behind everything despite there are plenty of objects in between. All objects are separated in the z-axis.

The z-axis order is not respected in camera view for these drawing . When looking from the top view the drawing appears in the right z-order and nudging makes it go in front or behind other layers.

This bug seems to happens only with drawings created from within the scene. It doesn’t happen when elements are imported as templates. However, creating a template of the object I have an issue with and re-importing it as template doesn’t solve the problem.

I’m using Harmony Advanced 14.0 and the scenes where exported from Storyboard pro 2 version 9.1.5

Thank you for helping me solve this issue.

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