Object Fade Out/In

Hey guys,

Today I had the chance to use Animate again and I really like it ;D

But how can I make objects fade out/in. I mean change their transparency level with keyframes.

so for example at frame 1 Object can be fully seen and at frame 20 its gone. in between these frames i want the object to fade → get more transparent

I hope someone knows how to do this :wink:

thanks, julian

You need to add a transparency effect layer, and then animate that.
1. Create the Effect
Insert → Effects → Transparency, which causes a Transparency effect layer to be added to the timeline.

2. Apply the effect to the desired layer
In the timeline, select the layer(s) that you want to fade out, then drag and drop it onto the Transparency effect so that it becomes a child of the Transparency effect (it’s name will be indented under the transparency effect).

3. Animate the transparency effect
You need to find the setting for the transparency value, which is 50% by default. It is hidden under the Transparency effect layer…click the + sign to see the layer’s properties. (If you only see the word “Transparency” repeated, but not number, then you need to click that icon at the upper right hand corner of the timeline’s name list to open the detail panel.) Notice that changing this value will cause the entire layer and any of its sublayers to fade in and fade out. Using keyframes in the timeline (F6), change this value to create the desired effect.

Thank you :slight_smile: :smiley:

I will try this tomorrow and after that I will reply here and tell if i got it working

tt, julian

So, I tried the effect now and… didnt have any success! :-<br />
I created a drawing object, made it the child of the transparency effect and created two keyframes on the transparency (at frame 0 and 60)

i put in 100 for frame 0 and 0 for frame 60… but the drawing object doesnt change in any way…

here are some screens:


Images where removed by ME because problem has been solved and the pictures would have been deleted tomorrow anyway because i only stored them temp on my server

what did i do wrong.

can maybe someone make a step by step manual on how they make a object fade from FULL to NOTHING for example

tft, julian

try to click “Auto Render” - on (in Camera View on the bottom left side) or go in the timeline to any frame and click “Render View”.

Oh yes!

Thanks rave. It was all about rendering ;D

I changed to render view and it worked just how i wanted it.

Thanks alot to everybody.

i can really recommend this forum to any tb user. Great ppl here :slight_smile:

This isn’t working for me, I’ve tried doing everything that has been discussed but it isn’t working :confused: