Object Always on top of everything! Why?!

Hello all

As I mentioned in the topic, I have a problem on a drowning which is ALWAYS on top of everything.

The drowning I’m having a problem with is eyeball, if you notice in the screenshot I have put a red square just to show you how the eyeballs is ALWAYS on top of everything.

I checked it on the Network view and did not found any thing wrong.

I have attached a screenshot + the project

if you need to download the project, I have uploaded it here:

Please help me out.


I’m having the same problem.
Have you found any solution yet?

No unfortunately

Any chance of seeing a larger screen capture?

If there is a size limit to attached images can you upload a screen capture to something like Photobucket?

I’d like to be able to read everything.

I don’t have Harmony or I would download the project file.

I apologize for that, I did not know that the forum would re-size the image that I have attached, I’ll upload another one after few hours from now, thanks tho


Here is a link for the full image

The Hierarchy of the Composite Module goes left to right (top/front to bottom/back). Looking at the Network Window both Phil MOUTH and eyeball are inserted into the 2nd and 3rd slots from the left side of the Composite Module.

There are 12 slots but only 9 items visible in the Timeline of this image. I imagine the red square is the drawing layer labled “Drawing” inserted in #1?

I would expect to see evidence in the Camera View that the mouth is in front of the pupil while the pupil would come next. Are you sure the mouth is not in front of the pupil? The edge of the red square could be right at the edge of the mouth so I cannot tell.

What are the Z coordinates of the red square, Phil MOUTH and eyeball?

Did you only draw one pupil (the character’s left eye) or does “eyeball” contain both the character’s right and left pupils or are both pupils always on top of everything?

Something else to verify is that each drawing layer contains what it should and that somehow an item did not end up misplaced on the wrong layer consequently leading you to believe it is on a specific drawing layer.

Try unplugging “eyeball” from the 3rd slot and moving it to one of the last positions of the Composite Module (our right side). If that works logically, you will eventually want “eyeball” somewhere to the left side of “EYES” of course.

Dear o0Ampy0o

I really appreciate your reply and thank you for trying to help me on this issue.

I have tried all possible solutions but unfortunately nothing have worked.

So I’m guessing its a programmatic problem that happen on that layer maybe because I have copied them from Illustrator.

So what I did is I created the character on new empty project and I keep on testing every new character before use it on a real project.

Thanks again o0Ampy0o.

Can you send the file to me? I want to check it.
I cann’t download your sended in 4shared.com.
my E-mail:

hi. i just sent the file =)

yeah,you’re right.
Z axis is not zero,so have problem.

The Z axis value need modify to zero
This is why the eyeball always display overlay.


WOW! Thanks a lot! i thought its sort of bug

Thanks again =D

that’s all right.
This error, chances are you in using the transform tool, hold down the Alt key and drag object in the camera view , this operation is moving object Z axis value.