Number of Installations possible?


I got toon boom studio almost a month ago when the patch for vista was released. This is my dilemma: I installed it fine and it is running well on my vista OS (which is currently a release candidate). i will have to change OS’s again by July when i will either buy the retail version of vista or more probably go back to XP. I had initially downloaded the program off the site (read: didn’t use a CD) and so i am wondering how many times i will be able to install toon boom studio (also if the ‘vista ready’ version works fine with XP) and on how many machines because i may also just get another pc by july and install it on there instead. I also know a previous guy asked this, but if i got a Mac would i have to buy the program all over again to use for the mac or could i simply get another liscence number or version? thanks.


Hi Carlo,

As long as the software is not installed on more then 1 computer at a time you should be fine.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

Best regards,