Nudging isn't working [SOLVED]

I’ve selected my peg with the transform tool in the camera view with the focus active. Alt + up/down is not nudging it but I can see it moving in the side/top view. My graphic drivers are up to date. I am not sure what else to try. It works for all the other peg elements but just not this particular one.

Edit: I didn’t set my composites to ‘pass through’. Classic mistake.

There could be different things I guess.

Sometimes you need to move the layer in the timeline too to get in front or below spec layer.
I have had problems with layers not working well in z-postiion but i think the problem was that I exported a project from storyboard pro 4 and that made some weird things in some of the layers.

/ Matitas
Harmony Adv

Thanks for your reply. The layer positioning is correct for this particular element, I just want to nudge it behind for a side view of the character. :frowning: