Nudging Body Parts

I can’t remember what tutorial it is in but Lily explains how to nudge body parts without effecting all the views. It has something to do with keyframing I think any advice?


If you edit a drawing using the Drawing View and you move the strokes from on point to another, this will affect everything.

If you want to really move things over time (or even one only one frame), you need to use the Camera View and the Transform Tool.

This will tell your element to move to new coordinates instead of telling your drawing’s strokes to move in relation the drawing origin…

Maybe, I’m not clear enough… Let me know if you need more info.

I am puppeting atm. I tried using the transform tool in the camera view on a “Head” of a character in the 3QBack view. I nuded it back to appear behind the neck. It changed all the views? Even with a keyframe present.