Nudging a layer moves the whole group?

Okay I don’t usually post but I got confused. I have an upper arm, a lower arm, and a hand layer. The hand is pegged to the lower which is pegged to the upper arm. They are also grouped together in a node. I select the transform tool on the hand and move it forward with Alt+up and now the whole arm moves forward too. Which is bad because I just want the hand in front of the face. Not the whole arm in front of the body. Is there a reason I can’t just move the hand by itself forward? Do I have to unpeg it for just the hand to work? If so what other option do I have?

Hi Chris

Try setting your composite as passthrough (in the layer properties). This will usually fix a lot of Z depth issues as the default bitmap composite flattens the image using the value on the entire image. For more info on composite modes, check out the link below:

Let me know if this works! :slight_smile: