NTSC pixels

Hello all,
I know this was long ago, but:
a TBS Product Manager posted the following comment about broadcast quality settings:

"…the right resolution to fit the NTSC standard is 720x540. Later, your post-processing should reduce this resolution to 720x486 with a .9 pixel ratio. (but this is not related to TBSv2 so let’s continue)…"

My question is: how/where is this post-processing done? In QuickTimePro? Photoshop?

I ask because, other than QuickTimePro, the only video editor I have is iMovie. Using TBS Macv2.5, I find that QuickTime export looks great in 720x540. However, when I then import the QT mov into iMovie, the image gets squashed & anti-aliased. In fact, it also gets squashed even if I try 720x486 or 720x480. Am I missing something? Do I need another tool?

I’ll keep investigating this “.9 pixel ratio” business, but if anyone out there has any insight to share, I’d appreciate it.

G Man

Any video imported into iMovie is convert into DV format. Which is an interlaced video format.

Now a computer screen is never interlaced (in contrast to a TV screen) and so all you ever get when watching DV footage on a computer is a proxy that shows only every other line from the DV footage (deinterlaced on-the-fly), which might look blurry and ugly, but don’t worry, this doesn’t have any impact on the actual quality of the video, it’s just a “preview”. So, if you master that footage back to DV tape, it’ll look just fine.


This is a little different than the iMovie question…

I generally work in TBS at 720x540 @ 24 fps.

So typically, you may bring your quicktime into an After Effects project that’s 720x486. But say you want to go directly into Final Cut? Should you still output from Toon Boom at 720x540? I’t doesn’t seem to fit well into a 720x486 Final Cut timeline.

Any thoughts are welcome!