I feel stupid asking this question. Am I missing something here? Why is the default FPS rate for NTSC set to 24 in TB Storyboard? Shouldn’t it be 30?I assume there’s something I don’t know about. Can someone please explain?

Hi Fong,Most of the time in animation for NTSC you would animate at 24 fps (since it is pretty much impossible to animate at 29.97 fps). Then once you get in post production you end up doing a 3/2 pull down on the sequence to stretch it to 29,97 seamlessly (it does a weird combining of fields to add the missing images). So this is why it was set to default as 24 fps but nothing prevents you to set it to 30 fps.Best regards,Ugo

That’s strange. I’ve been doing animation for years, including subcontracting for large studios, in which we animate NTSC on twos at 30 fps (i.e. it’s mostly 15 fps). Every animation director I’ve worked with and every timing director lays out the timing and the animation at 30 fps. Just finished two TV commercials for a major US client, again at 30 fps. This is the first I’ve ever heard of animating at 24 fps for NTSC.Ya learn sumthin new every day!

I guess it depends where you work as I’ve always seen it at 24 fps to have less drawings to produce. The only case that I saw it was a TV station in Toronto.All the others ones, like TV episodal, film, commercials were done at 24.