NPR Pledge Drive Commercials

Hey Toon Boomers! I recently designed, boarded and animated these 3 spots for NPR and they’ve made their way into the world:

Aside from some watercolor painting and Photoshop work, everything was done using Harmony. Timeline was insanely short, 3 1/2 weeks and I actually did a fourth spot in that time too (NPR nixed it because they didn’t feel like the story focused enough on donating). That said, it was an exhausting blast - they let me go wild and, because time was so short, I pretty much had to go with my first impulses and move on.

I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out (though all I can see are the things I would’ve liked to have done). Hope you dig 'em!

Chris Purdin

I love the style!

I have to agree.

I am only familiar with the guy from Parks & Recreation and you really captured his personality but all of the characters have an appealing concentration of humanity and cartoonity.