NOTICE:: Tutorial requests - Adam Phillips is taking them!!

Hello everyone,

Just an update on Adam Phillips’ tutorial series. He has stated that if you have any requests for tutorials that you would like to see him cover, please submit them on his youtube page here:

Now is our chance to ask him what we always wanted to learn about ANIMATE!

i requested complex morphing in standard animate. Everyone else request that :slight_smile:

I will, no problem. What sort of morphing do you mean though? A head movement morphed from side view to 3 quarter view? Something like that?

just in general, whatever he comes up with.I am interested to see someone else use the tool in detail and what it can be used for effectivly.Would be more effects based for me since i ain’t changing from my cutouts

I also intend to use the cutout puppet technique for my animations. Will post a request on his channel now regarding morphing.

The morphing should allow lots of effects. I always think a nice waterfall effect could be done with it but yeah I stuggle to control it.I have really only had success with fairly basic morphing.

Head Turn (from side to front view) , with a japanese anime face ;D

Go and post it on his youtube page dude… but don’t hold your breath on seeing an “Anime face” lol

He’s baaaack! This time with some great morphing tutes.

Thanks for posting!Was pretty good, but I want a more advanced one :DHe did the thing that annoys me most "just did a little bit offscreen and here is the final result"Obviously some of it was just a blur but would of been interested to see him set it up.

Glad you’re liking them so far everyone and thanks for the feedback. Raider, in reference to your comment about doing things “off screen”, sorry about that but I was using Animate Pro 2 and, since it was supposed to be an Animate 2 demo, I didn’t want to confuse anyone by working in the Network view. Besides that, effects treatment is outside the scope of ‘beginner morphing’ ;)I’ve started with the fundamentals in each topic (rigging, morphing, etc) but will soon start releasing some intermediate and advanced demos.

I only have plain animate not animate pro anyway.But advanced morphing is probably my weakest area in animate so i look forward to seeing what you come up.Even though I am making tutorials I am not at all ashamed to admit I am still learning. It is an ongoing process for everyone no matter how good or bad they are :slight_smile:

Adam,you are the man… I have had little faith with the toonboom forums… until NOW! I am BIG fan of your Brackenwood universe…TheRaider … we all have strengths and weaknesses in everything we do… I learn something NEW every day. Sharing in these forums strengthens all of us, even those creating the tutorials.peace

Adam, what software are you using to create your tutorials? I just upgraded to Camtasia v7 and it has direct upload to youtube capabilities…warmest regards

I am enjoying the Animate tutorials immensely. I like the fact that you are starting off the lessons with the basics and broken down into smaller bite-sized videos and chapters. Eventually, we can move up to the intermediate and advanced (network view etc) lessons.These video tutorials of yours are very easy to follow and you can actually see how they can be applied to animations and projects.Please keep them coming!! :o

I requested tutorials on the best ways to use the Library so that assets can be reused. What is the best way to arrange assets so that they can be backed up and moved to a different computer in case of a crash? What’s a template versus other ways of saving to a library? And how can I make sure that my drawings and assets can be re-used in other Animate projects over the years?I gained some good skills using Flash but all of the years worth of Flash assets, are not so easily imported into Animate. So, it’s kind of like being at square one again with Animate. But now that I have discovered Animate, there is no way that I want to return to Flash. So, this time, I want to keep my Animate art for use many years down the line and be able to move it from upgrade to upgrade and from computer to computer as necessary.

I doubt Adam will be making tuts on this, but believe it or not there are plenty of resources available right now for you to learn how to do this. Re-Using library assets in Animate is really very similar to the way you do it in flash.In order to back up your assets all you have to do is figure out where Animate is saving them. If you hold your cursor over the symbols or templates folder (in Animate) you should see the path to the folder appear. All you have to do is find it on your hard drive and back it up. Symbols are the pieces that make up your overall character, like in flash. You have the head, arm, leg, torso, ect symbols on different layers. The only difference is that in flash the full character is just another symbol that you drag onto the stage and usually hit break apart to use it. In animate the full character is an actual seperate template file with a .tpl extension not another symbol. When you have your character fully rigged drag each of the individual layers to the symbols folder. That will make them symbols. To make it a template Add a master peg, move all your layers into that master peg, and then drag it in to the templates folder. Make sure you right click on the templates folder and select right to modify first. Once you do that all you need to do is drag the template to the left of the timeline and like magic your full character will be ready to animate.I suggest you watch [url=]cartoonsmart’s video on character rigging, ( I don’t have the link now, but just google cartoonsmart character rigging) the quick start videos, and the getting started pdf that came with Animate in order to get detailed step by step instructions on how to do this. Those 3 are what helped me understand it.The assets that you created in flash can be used in Animate. What I do is save the swf for flash 5, then import it into Animate. To import just right click on the templates folder in animate, select right to modify, then right click in the template folder again and select import. Although, I have learned that re-creating everything in Animate gives you more control and reduces hair loss. You have made the right decision switching to Animate, try to get by this first initial shock of realizing that it is not flash, and in a short period of time you will realize that you made the right move.Hope this points you in the right direction.

All good advice except that I am trying to not have to recreate everything in Animate. Having to redraw all of that Flash stuff that I worked so hard to create has to be done all over again in Animate! ??? I’ll see how saving it in Flash 5 works, thanks.As far as hair loss … uh, too late! Too, too late! :slight_smile: