Nothing is moving anymore on SB Pro

I recently got a new tablet (XP Pen) and ever since I got it set up Storyboard Pro has not been able to move anything anymore. I can’t drag panels to a new location, I can’t re-arrange the order of layers, and I can’t drag audio to a new part on the timeline. Basically, everything is stuck where it is originally created. It’s been making the storyboard process a lot more difficult and I don’t know how to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem before? Does the XP Pen driver have something to do with why this is happening? This problem has only occurred on SB Pro, all my other art programs work perfectly fine. (For more context, I have a Mac Book Pro and it’s and Artist 22 XP-Pen)

Do you have a Intel or Apple Silicon Mac, and what macOS are you on? What version/build of SBP are you using?

I have a Apple Mac and I’m on Ventura. I also have SB Pro 20

You need to update SBP 20 to SBP 20.1 or above for running it on macOS Ventura (13). You can find out what processor (Intel or Apple Silicon) your Mac has under the Apple Icon (Top left) then About This Mac.

That worked! Thank you so much! I didn’t realize I didn’t have the most up-to-date version downloaded.

Your welcome, glad to hear you got it sorted!