Nothing in Symbols

UPDATE: OK - this is weird…I found a fix for the problem below by inserting a keyframe on frame one of the 18 odd frame scene - then converting it to a symbol. Also I downloaded the Karate Rabbit demo and could not replicate the problem (below) with that - it worked fine as advertised. Anyway I’d love to know what is wrong with my animation but really don’t want to waste the forum’s time
Hi Toon Boomers
I’m running Animate 2 on a PC, (i7 processor -8MbRAM). I’m a relatively new user and have been following the training video’s online. Anyway I’m up to the creating patches bit – and in it I need to highlight the content of a layer and convert it into a symbol. I follow the usual steps, hit the brick icon and a symbol is created – but there’s nothing in it! The library viewer seems to be blank – there’s tons of frames but nothing there.
Now, I’ve tried this on several layers – same result. I’ve used symbols in toom boom before with no problem – and have a FLASH background so I think I understand how they work.
Any ideas? I gues sit must be a setting or something – but this is very frustrating.

Thanks Lili - I have got around the problem and moving on - but it was pretty strange. I have done a test from scratch and it works as advertised.

I should have put my post here I have the smae problem and can’t figure it out.

Hmm I can’t say for sure without looking at the scene what’s going on. Have you tried highlighting the layer or the cells and using the menu item Edit > Create Symbol? I wonder if the same thing happens.