Note to Toon Boom Inc Support Staff

Toon Boom is great!

Come on guys, give us more! - Tutorial Support that is, your users are requesting it!

Mov files would be nice.

Many thanks.

Toon Boon Studio does offer a User Guide but they want you to pay another $40 for it. I was looking at various animation software and Toon Boom was the only one that did not supply ANY info on its use and/or functions and capabilities. They seem to think that I should buy the guide to determine if the software was what I needed or not. They brag about all its features and abilities but I would NEVER buy a software package that I had not previously investigated and determined its worthiness. BECAUSE software is not a refundable item, even if it does not meet your needs. Toon Boom (as I understand it does not even ship with documentation nor is it included in the demo download) it seems to me that the makers of this software have a greed complex to charge extra for something that should come with the software at least. And I have seen their so-called tutorials, well produced, but they show nothing of the software to speak of. There are TOO many other excellent software animation packages out there to be sucked in by a greedy company like this one obviously is. They even CHARGE for tech support for products you purchase from them… HOW LAME IS THAT! Look around people and choose wisely Toon Boom is by no means the only, or the best, on the market. I contacted the customer service, by the way, and could not believe that they actually wanted to sell me a user guide to software I did not know whether or not I even wanted… their actions spoke volumes and I took my money and business elsewhere!


I can sympathise with you on this to some extent. The software, does come with the pdf version of the user manual which helps but I did buy the hard copy which I found easier to refer to whilst using TBS.

I do think that more downloadable movie tutorials would be good. There are companies out there that provide great free online learning support for their software - a great marketing opportunity. More users = more revenue for TBS.

The forum is agreat resource for help.

A professional unfortunately, I am not but after struggling with the complexities of 3D software, I found the simplicity of TBS together with the really easy lip-syncing a real advantage.

You might want to look at Moho as an alternative - I use this as well as TBS.

Good luck.