Not sure if its been asked...

hi! well… toonboom can import PDF files… i have a glitch/error… when i import 1 pdf into toonboom… its all good… when i import another one… it gets displayed as the first one i imported? its weird cause i can save the file… close toonboom… open it back up and then import the file… and it will come out normal?.. weird… any similar situations?

wait a second… can gifs also have transparent attributes? if so… i could jus say F*** the pdf an convert to gif… that wont cause me trouble… i’ll try it out…


Would it be possible what video card you currently have installed on your machine?

This seem to be some kinda of display issue so you might want to change some settings in the Display tab of the Preferences.

Another test you could do is simply closing the view that is “weird” and reopening it through the Window menu.

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