Not Showing Brush Smoothing Option

Hello Freiend

i am facing a problem on my toon boom . when ever i am using brush tool . in tool property the is only option to manage the brush size .
and the is not showing any option for brush smoothing . while in many youtube tutorial example jeees j jones etc all have this option enebled
. but how ???

every thime i have to go deep inside brush tool properties to chane the smoothing . how can i enable that option from outside like change size option ?
Help me out plzz


Many tutorials online were created using earlier versions of Harmony.

When Harmony 17 was released there were significant changes made to the drawing engine which enhanced the experience. It feels much better. It is more refined. You feel like you have a more responsive pencil or brush in hand as a result.

There is a new engine under the hood. It has built in stabilizing and smoothing enhancements. The Smoothing slider for the Brush tool was removed from the Tool Properties front door level. It had existed there and deeper within the editing tools and it still can be accessed there as you understand. As far as I can tell there is no option to restore it to the first layer in Tool Properties. It was also removed for the Eraser tool. The Centerline Smoothing slider is still present in that first layer of Tool Properties when using the Pencil tool.

Maybe Toon Boom decided that the enhancements in Harmony 17 reduced the need for the Brush tool Smoothing slider in the workflow and opted to streamline Tool Properties by removing that slider from the first layer of Tool Properties. They describe the removal of the Smoothing slider as an “enhancement” in the Release Notes.

It is possible that you are basing your need to use the Smoothing slider on how things performed in earlier versions and you may not have explored and fully recognized the enhancements.

Harmony 17 Release Notes:

Under Enhancements:

The Centerline Smoothing slider has been removed from the Tool Properties view for the Brush and Eraser tool. It is now only available in the Brush Properties and Eraser Properties dialogs.