Not recommended to use drawing elements as pegs anymore?

When I used Animate Pro 2 I rigged a lot of characters using the mixed rig approach in the (previous?) Toon Boom tutorials. One of the suggestions in the older rigging vids is to use drawing elements as pegs so that you can ‘paste special’ the pivot from the drawing layer.

I’m now using Animate Pro 3 and noticed I can no longer update the pivot using ‘paste special’ on my element ‘peg’. So I checked out the new video tutorials on rigging and the recommendation is to use pegs instead of drawing elements as pegs. Is this right?

Is there any particular reason it’s been changed? I’m a bit bummed because I liked the flexibility of using the drawing element as pegs. The ability to update the pivot on the same layer drawing to drawing was a lot better.



I am just noticing the same thing. I thought one of the selling points of the drawing elements as pegs was that you could set different pivot points for the three quarter view, Side view, front view, etc… now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Is there a way to have different pivot points for different views of a rig?