Not able to select deformation rigs?

So I’m new to Toon Boom Harmony. I created a character, for which I rigged his arms.
I closed the application and when I reopened it, when I click and select the deformation tab on the timeline or network view, it doesn’t show me the rig.

I have the transform tool selected, I’m able to select the other pegs and layers, and see the handle and all to manipulate those, but not the deformation tool?

What am I doing wrong?


What’s the recommended setup/workflow to deal with this? I find having to switch in and out of ‘Peg selection mode’ to get my deformer controls cumbersome.

Be sure that you do not have the “Peg selection mode” selected. You have to have the DRAWING selected to show the deformers. Having the peg or the deformer itself selected will not show the deform rig. The latter being the way to show it in previous versions.



you have to show your deformation controls which is a tad easier now in 12. select any part of the character that is being controlled by a deformer, and hit Show Controls (view/show/controls or shift+F11, or hit the button in the Camer View). that should pull up its associated deformation controls.