not able to export directly to u tube

i m using v6 studio and wen i try to export my project directly to u tube, it gets crashed in the middle of exporting. I tried to export it directly to my computer in swf, Avi format but the quality is really bad.What can i do abt it? plz someone help! :’(

Please download Toon Boom Studio from your user account and install it to replace the one on your computer.

Verify if you are able to do the export and kindly post your results.

My personal recommendation and how I do it is as follows

Export Movie → Select AVI format → go to OPTIONS for export settings → Click settings under video → change the compression type to NONE, millions of colours and best quality

(Also my final resolution I use in export is 1280x720 - full 16:9 720P HD! :D)

This makes the videos turn out really huge (but don’t worry)… My latest 25 second animation was like 1.5 GB upon export.

Then I use a program called “Any Video Converter”
And then use these as the settings.
That is the current animation I am working on… from 6.92 GB to about 38 mb

Here’s my latest animation - you can watch it in HD to see the quality