noob scenes questions

can TB handle a 3500-4000 frame scene?
[i have a macbook 2.2 C2D w/ 4gb ram]
made up of 22 ‘vectorized with texture’ png’s essentially blinking on and off.
is it better to break it up into several scenes?
if i can get QT to stop being blurry on export, (i assume i can export multiple scenes automatically into one QT movie by just selecting ‘full movie’), do multiple scenes line up seamlessly? (i’m trying to line up a frame by frame calculated soundtrack with the exported animation in final cut or imovie since TB won’t import my 5 minute soundtrack for being too large).


Well, I haven’t done more than 2000 frames per scene yet (mostly all drawn in TBS),
but I think Studio can handle easily more than 4000 frames…

Using about 22 images (vectorized or not) shouldn’t cause any problems either,
(maybe a slight slowdown moving certain part around, if at all), but keep an eye on image size.
If you like here is an example combining images with vectors:
Tools used: Toon Boom Studio / Photoshop / Cinema 4D.
The parking and passing cars (BMW-Dixi, Bugatti, Mercedes, Jaguar, VW Beetle, Dodge)
were rendered as single image or image-sequence in Cinema 4D and imported into TBS).
A few of the background “Skyscrapers” are bitmaps, edited in Photoshop,
as well as Cuthbert of Farne by Fenwick Lawson.

Breaking everything up into smaller scenes is always good management.
(I keep all my scenes separated into different projects until final compositing in FinalCutExpress),
but I guess they will line up seamlessly if one has to render them out from one project.


i got my sound into TB but it doesn’t line up in the scene like it does if you export the scene and put the sound and visuals into a movie program… why don’t i just do that, well i am looking for the answer to the blurry QT export thing. now it exports to QT ok but gets blurry in FC or imovie… see the other post if you can help me, i need it! there’ more info there too