Noob Question (FIXED)


I’m fairly new to TBS. I’ve figured out a lot of cool stuff I can do with the programme, but I have hit a wall…

I’ve imported a boat image onto a blue background (the sea =]) and to create a realistic movement, I want the boat to move slightly up and down (like a rocking effect). However, if I extend the exposure and try to rotate each individual frame, one adaptation changes all the other frames before and after it. So my question is: how can I rotate the image in one frame without it affecting all the other on that element?

Looking forward to your replies.

Maybe nesting pegs would be a possibility…?
Drag your boat into a peg, call it e.g. “side movement”…
Drag that peg into another peg, call it e.g. “up and down”…
Keyframe those pegs to your desired needs…

If you like, here is an example:


Thanks for getting back to me, Nolan.

I’m sorry - I don’t quite understand the process and I’m afraid the demo didn’t load :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely there must be a simple way to do this? I just don’t understand why the modifications of one frame have to affect all the others…

It sounds like you are using the wrong scene operations tool to make your rotational keyframes. If you use the Select tool (6) you are not setting key frames but rather changing the global properties of the entire element. Instead you want to always use the Transform tool (7) which is designed to set keyframed properties independently one frame at a time. -JK

Thank you very much, JK. This has completely solved my problem!