nOOb question bout lipsync and timeframes

Hello, and thanks for reading.

I just got into ToonBoom and first read all the tutorials that are out there.

I build a character in illustrator, imported it in parts in ToonBoom and created a cutout animation, much like the examples given.

On the time line for the mouth i did several mouths (the x, b, c, d, f , a type of mouths) on different keyframes. So on keyframe 1 till 6 i placed the mouths in the right place on the character.

I imported a soundfile and added all the lypsyncing to the mouth element, that works…Only the mouth drawings jump from one point to another in the camera view!!
The lip syncing does the right thing, but i cant seem to get the mouths in the right places, every keyframe i move the mouth in changes the other keyframes as well…So i cant make it right…

I hope i made my problem clear, like i stated it is probably a stupid newbie question, but please help!!! I want the different mouths to stay in one place… :frowning:

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Are every single mouth shape you have created designed in the exact same spot in the drawing view. Your mouth may jump from place to place if they are not exactly in the same spot in the drawing view for the lip sync feature simply change the exposure of the drawing, if the mouths were positioned using keyframes to be on the right spot those keyframe won’t be carried when you use the the automatic lip sync.

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Hey Ugo,

Thanks for the reply…
I think i put thm on the right places in the camera view…And they were…

But now is the problem, i cant select one mouth on a keyframe and move it without moving all the mouths on th keyframes…Isnt there an option to only select ONE MOUTH on ONE KEYFRAME in stead of moving them all :slight_smile:

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It sounds like you are trying to move your mouth using the scene select tool (6) instead of the scene transform tool (7). The select tool sets global properties for an entire element while the transform tool works only on cells at specific frames. -JK

O ok, thnaks JK, thats probably where im lookin for than!!!

Thanks so much!


It may also be because you are using the scene planning tools instead of the drawing tools. If you want to move a mouth to realign it with the rest of the other mouths without affecting the element and creating a keyframe on each frame to move the mouth back to the proper position on next frame you will want to use the drawing select too (shortcut !). This tool will allow you to reposition the actual drawing without affecting any of the previous following drawing. Be aware that this tool will affect every occurrence of that specific drawing in your project so if you use this tool on mouth X every mouth X will be moved in the same way throughout your project.

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ok ok…I will now do that…D
Thanks for helping me getting started good…

Bob :smiley: ;

I’m having a similar problem :-<br />I’m now using v5, I drew in my mouths A-X, then I used the modify lip-synch map to add all the mouths in. That worked fine, but I need to move the position of the mouths in some of the frames, but when I do, it moves ALL of the mouths. Is there any way to move some of them without moving all of them? I tried the selection tool in the drawing tools and the selection tool in the screen planning tools with no luck :’(
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Try using the transform tool, keyboard short cut 7 while in camera view. This is the correct tool for setting key frames which are what you need to use to position an element on individual frames.

Start at the first frame where your mouth element is displayed in the timeline and with the transform tool active, while you have that element selected, press keyboard short cut I to set a keyframe for that element for that frame. Then press keyboard shortcut S to move to the next frame and repeat the previous step to set a keyframe. As you move down the timeline setting keyframes you can reposition the mouth if needed with the transform tool. By scrubbing through your timeline in this manner adjusting and locking down the mouth positions with keyframes you will hopefully end up with your lip sync look good. -JK