Noob Problems

I have a lot of problems with Toon Boom Animate 2, since I’m just a beginner. I recently got accepted by Maker Studios to make a Video Pitch/Prototype for a show for Disney XD, which I have had the last month to do, which I didn’t start until now (because I’m lazy). I have been trying to use Adobe Flash CS6, but I find it orrible. I love Toon Boom, but I find it complicated. I have a big problem right now and its a very basic one. When I create a new layed, I cannot add a frame/keyframe on the timeline for that layer, so I cant do anything. Does anybody know what to do?

Basically when I right click to create a new keyframe it doesnt let me, the option is not highlighted. The layer is called “Scene”. Another problem is I highlight the frames I want to change because when I erase something it erases it on every frame, So I try to copy the frame and paste it onto another layer to continue, but when I paste the 1 frame I had selected, it pastes every frame from they layer instead of the one frame. Its very annoying.

You are cloning the drawing rather than making a copy of it. A screenshot might help
discover why you can’t create a keyframe.

In the meantime, check out the tutorials, especially “Drawing Basics” and the Getting
Started one.

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i think maybe i cant do the colors because its a trial

What specifically happens when you right-click a frame on the new layer
and select “Insert Keyframe”. Try saving the scene, are there any errors?
Also, what is the new layer’s name?