NOOB needs HELP! "cell problem"

Hello, Thanks for taken time to read this, hope you can help.

Problem, I can draw a object on one cell, such as a square. Then when I go to rotate, or move the object it does NOT
move as one piece, the fill color will move or rotate but the outline will not. I can right click on the drawing and click “Select All” and then they will move as one. I have a picture of what I am talking about. I know that I am not suppose to put the mouth and eyes on the same cell, but on this one they are.
So you can see the problem, if I was to click on the right eye to ATTEMPT to drag the object around as one only the right eye would move. I could understand it doing that if the RIGHT EYE was on its own drawing, I am sure there is a setting that I must not be overlooking, because there has to be something better than to have to remember to right click and select all every time, when its all on the same cell.
I would have embed the photo to this post, but i did not know what button to click as I was filling this out. WHAT A NOOB :smiley:

Left mouse click, drag over all drawing elements, rightmouse click, context menu - Group

:smiley: THANK YOU :smiley: that worked! its rough been a newbie, but I guess we all were at one time. But I LOVE my TOON BOOM! Once again thanks for the reply and the help!
p.s. I guess this thread could be closed, but I don’t know how, LOL :o