Nonstop rotating camera and drawing workshop, nonstop preview manager popups

Hello I have Toon Boom Animate pro 7.7

I install it on my Vista laptop and the camera view and drawing view continously rotate with no way to make it stop. I try using the rotate hot keys but they do nothing. Why is this happening?

Yet I install it on my Work Computer that has Windows XP and it works perfectly fine. I am a bit confused with what I can do to resolve this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared registery files 4 times now. Nothing seems to work and this seems like a weird setting for the application to be in right off the launch.


I also tried to run the install as a XP install and as an admin… both times I still got the same result. I tried to troubleshoot this for 12 hours yesterday any help would be greatly appriciated.

Well even when the pad is not plugged in I get the same issue… not sure what else to do. The preferences on toon boom are set to default… the pad I just bought to use with toon boom. Not sure what else to do at this point.Nothing is being pressed when this happens.

Hmm… Is it possible that your Ctrl and Alt keys are stuck down in some way?

Are you using a tablet with that machine? You might have some tablet preferences that are getting in the way. Try restoring the default preferences on your tablet driver. And make sure you’re not pressing any buttons on the tablet.

Other than that, if you’re still having issues, best way to solve this is to email


I think the best thing to do here is email if you haven’t done so already and they can help you resolve this issue.