Nonstop rotating camera and drawing workshop also Preview Manager popups

Hello I have Toon Boom Animate pro 7.7

I install it on my Vista laptop and the camera view and drawing view continously rotate with no way to make it stop. I try using the rotate hot keys but they do nothing. Why is this happening?

Yet I install it on my Work Computer that has Windows XP and it works perfectly fine. I am a bit confused with what I can do to resolve this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared registery files 4 times now. Nothing seems to work and this seems like a weird setting for the application to be in right off the launch.

I even tried running the install as an XP SP2 program and as a Vista Admin and still have the same issue.


Bah I was told from another thread to post in this section and didn’t realize I already posted here before reading that. Sorry please disregard this, there is another link a few rows down from this one.