Nonexistent Pivot Point

I’m fairly new to TBS and I’ve been attempting to rig a cut-out character that I imported to TBS (v 5.0). I get to the point where all my body parts are in separate elements and attached to a single parent peg, as the tutorial instructs. It may be because I’m missing something, or I’m just hugely ignorant of this method, but when I attempt to adjust the green pivot point by selecting sceneplanning tools and selecting the rotate tool, while the Parent Peg element is selected, there simply is not any green pivot point. Nothing appears at all. There is no indication that the rotate tool is even selected, and if the green pivot point, or any other pivot point, is not visible, I can’t manipulate it and I have been stuck at this point in rigging my character for quite a while.

Is this normal, and is there something that I’m not doing or missing? I have a feeling it may have something to do with the parent peg element, but I have no idea what to do about it. Help is greatly appreciated; I feel I’ve completely exhausted every other resource I have.

You need to select the drawing element and not the master peg.
If you have trouble selecting the element, then select it from the

When the element is selected, then go to the rotate tool. Move the green circle to move the pivot point.