Non-Wacom Tablet Support

Hey guys, just checking before I drop any money on this program…
I am using the trial versions of Harmony Essentials and Storyboard 4, and in both programs I am unable to get any sort of pressure sensitivity from my tablet.

My tablet is the ASUS PT201Q- drawing monitor. It has an digitizer pen and touch screen.

All of my other programs are working with it and producing pressure sensitivity just fine, however it isn’t working at all in any Toon Boom programs.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried disabling all my other monitors and using the screen by itself, restarted, changed settings on my computer. I feel like it just is not working with these programs.

Extremely frustrating because I was hoping to use my 21 trial days as a way to see if the program was a good fit, not to try and get pressure sensitivity to work.

TIA for all your help.