non jaggy lines during drawing

Hi, I’ve been playing around with settings in the advanced tab to try to make my lines look nice while I’m actually drawing them. They look nice after i’ve drawn them with anti-aliasing but i’d like to make them look nice while I’m actually drawing the lines because it makes the drawing process more difficult. Does anyone know how to do this?

The actual impact of settings is dependent upon your graphics card but you can try making changes in Preferences and see whether you get satisfying results. You may also experience a deterioration in response performance as you boost visual quality.

Preferences => Advanced => check the following:
• Realistic Preview while Drawing
• Smooth Textures on Vector Layers
Full Scene Antialiasing
• Enable (if using Mac 4 under Number of Samples is recommended)

Full Scene Antialiasing

This option lets you see smooth lines as you draw, as well as an antialiased drawing area. You can change the value of the Full Scene Antialiasing using the Preferences dialog box to fit the current level used in the Stage view. By default, this option is deselected—see Viewing the Final Lines While Drawing.

Note this area may require experimentation to find a comfortable setting:


• Delay Before Drawing Vectorized Strokes (ms): When you draw in Storyboard Pro, the strokes are vectorized as you go. As soon as you release the drawing tool, the lines are vectorized. When you quickly sketch a numerous series of lines, it may happen that the vectorization process interferes with your drawing action. To avoid this, you can delay the vectorization process by increasing the delay value.

Open GL

• Support Transparency in Pencil Lines: When selected, the pencil lines are displayed normally. The lines will be opaque (unless there are transparencies). Deslecting this option reduces rendering times, but displays additive opacities for overlapping pencil lines and unevenly filled, curved pencil lines.
• Realistic Preview while Drawing: Enable the Realistic Preview option if you want to have live preview of shapes in Draw Behind mode, which is for painting behind existing art. When using this mode, strokes appear over your work until you release the tool you are using.
• Smooth Textures on Vector Layers: Improves the appearance of vector brush strokes that use bitmaps for the colour or opacity, such as a vector drawing layer, vector brush with texture applied.