Non-Functioning Onion Skin is Ruining my Life

Hey guys! Brand new toon boom user here. Used to using flash for the longest time, and therefor am having some real issues trying to figure out animate pro 2.
So- basically- the onion skin isn’t working at all. :tired: It’s doing this very strange thing where its shading absolutely any empty space in the frame… I can’t figure out how to fix it. Attached image relevant.

This is not enough info to go on…

First you need to make sure that in
Menu-View-Onion Skin
that you have some previous and next drawings selected.
Ideally turn off the Auto Light Table if it’s on.

Try it using simple vector line drawings first (i.e. black lines on
white background) before you try anything too complicated.
In your example image it appears that the entire page may be
painted with some color so it appears red - avoid doing this when
you are using the onion skin. Paint the page in a later stage of
the process.

If this still doesn’t work for you, try updating your graphic card driver.