Node View - Show all nodes in the scene

Hi all,

Is it possible to browse all nodes in the scene?

As I find it very limiting only having children-nodes within children-nodes and such.

I need to be able to apply several write- and display-channels to keep the performance of the big scene down to a reasonable progression. Since there is no renderlayers or display layers as such.

I am using Toonboom Premium 14

Best regards Troels,

Hi Troels ,

I’m not sure if I understood well what you are looking for.

But, might the Render Preview Node do something in relation with your request?

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Hello Troels,

I want to try and provide as best an answer as I can. Would you mind providing a little more info so we could figure out the best solution for you. Could you explain further what you mean by wanting to see all the nodes and its sub nodes in one layer? Maybe provide a screenshot from Nuke where this is achieved.

Also, if you are looking for better organization options, have you fiddled with the order nodes up and down options, grouping your nodes, or creating new composites to organize that way? These may help as well.


Thanks! Im aware of that node.

What I need is being able to see all the nodes with all its sub-nodes in one layer. Like you can do in the software Nuke.

At the moment I have a whole node hierarchy within sub nodes. I need to link them across the parrents.


as I have a lot of these sub catagories like the complex one here:

Best regards Troels

Hi again, :slight_smile:

Thank you for the support!

I need to be able to browse all the nodes from the file as I need to use the nodes for linking several nodes which anyways shares the same features.

I have multiple of the same rigs in the scene and made a heavy-version (beautiful composited) and a light-version setup (allowing for performance) for each of them.

Ergo It would be amazing to have a grand overview of the scene - without having “parrents” hiding its sub-nodes.

Is that possible ?

(showing a picture from nuke - would be the same as just imagining a ton of nodes like in toonboom but without all this parrenting/sub-nodes hierarchy.



the reason for why you don’t see all scene elements at the same level in the node view is that they are either in a group or in a symbol.

When you enter into these ‘containers’, indeed, only the contained elements are displayed in the node view.

You could ungroup all your rigs (Right Click on the group → Ungroup) to put all their elements at the top level of the node view.

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Hi Stefman,

This is exactly what I needed.

Of course it makes the rigging structure a little different, however I need it very bad.

Thanks a lot!



cool that it helps.

As thus you will have a lot of elements in your node view you certainly will like the following things:

Best regards

Thanks for helping out on this one stefman. I’d definitely like to co-sign on the backdrops suggestion.

Glad you found what you needed, Troels.

Thank you everyone!

Indeed the backdrop colors are useful.