Node for outline

Hello Toonboom!

I would like a node for outline.

When you use deformers on a drawing with lineart and colorart you will experience when doing extensive deforming that the lineart and colorart are losing contact (open cracks) and the lineart also can get distorted.

Using node for outline would make lineart a slave of colorart. You make a drawing only in colorart which you deform. The node gets the input from the deformation and creates an outline shaping itself from the deformation of the colorart. Since the node decides the line properties there is no distortion of the line and since lineart is a slave of colorart there is no open cracks.

The outline could use color from the palette and outlinestroke from pencil/brush properties or it could be just plain color choice and line width.

Really hope you like the idea. It will make the deformation in Toonboom much better!