No Z axis in transform tool

Newbie on Animate 2.

I’ve found several posts about nudging with the transform tool to properly arrange something like an arm, so parenting doesn’t mess up what is in front, however I can’t move any of my layers in the Z direction, shortcuts or no.

I know you need to have the camera view active, but even with the layer selected and camera view active, the transform tool will only work in the X and Y directions, in the Tool Properties there isn’t even a Z option, nothing. Can’t figure it out, any ideas?

So in trying to figure this out, I was able to get some other elements in the scene working, and I see there is no Z axis slider in the Tool Properties (why not Toon Boom?) for any elements regardless if they work for nudging or not, however it’s still very odd that some of the layers will nudge in Z and some will not. I can confirm this in the top view, some of the layers can be moved in the top view, and my problem layers can’t be moved.


expand the drawing element using the + and you will see z position. You can also double click on the element to bring this drawing layer up.

For nudging, check your shortcut is set correctly. There are a number of different setups for the shortcuts.

Thanks, I see the Z with the element expanded, not a way to manipulate it from there though, but perhaps I misunderstand. I was hoping there would be a Z slider in the tool properties like there is for X and Y.

In any case, I may have misunderstood from the beginning. I thought this was suppose to work using the transform tool, and I couldn’t get it to work, but I was able to move it in the top view using the translate tool, so works for what I need.

Thanks for the help.

you probably just need to expand the area.

You know the line of icons along the top where you add drawings, the eyes, + , - etc. At the end of this there are 2 vertical lines with arrows pointing horizontally which is the show data button. Click that and it will expand so you can edit all the variables.

Ahhh, got it. Thanks!