no xstage in files and i cant open scenes (rlly need help)

Okay hi, so I got the free trial for toon boom harmony essentials yesterday and wanted to start it. I downloaded everything and stuff and when I got to the menu where you create a scene, I pressed on create a scene. I reopened it after that since nothing happened but when I clicked on open where the recently opened files should be, I only found the folder with the name of my scene and three folders in it. “environment” “frames” and “job”. They were all empty. I tried many different things but nothing worked so I recently bought toon boom harmony essential with license. I downloaded the windows version (i have an acer laptop) and tried everything again, nothing changed. I watched a lot of tutorials and googled to find out why but I found nothing. Normally there should be .xstage in the files if I understood right but there is none. I also downloaded softwares that are supposed to help but absolutely nothing worked. Does anyone know how I could fix this or get .xstage? If you do please please please respond :confused:

Hello Cleves,

Thank you for reaching out to the community. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with our software… Please reach out to to join our support team directly. They will help you sort this out.

I invite you to check out our Discord Channel for any other general questions on animation and our software. Our tight-knit Discord community will be there to help you.


The Toon Boom team