No support for anti-aliasing!


I know this issue has been discussed before, but I can’t seem to find a solution for my situation. I have an 512MB ATI X1900 XTX card and version 4.0 of TBS. If I switch my display preferences to OpenGL anti aliasing, it still stays jagged. If I switch on anti aliasing on my card, TBS studio crashes as soon as the Xsheet loads. If I switch display preference to D3D and turn on anti aliasing on my card, nothing happens.

Is there any possible solution to this? I would hate to have to return to flash just because I cant get smooth lines!

Thanks for any help.

first thing I would try is making sure all your drivers are current & then giving it a try.

Hi Cahlund,

First be aware that the anti-aliasing that you are looking for only applies in the camera and drawing view. Therefore it affect in no way your final output, it is more of a display preferences. All of your final export will be anti-aliased unless (expect swf which may depending on your video card seem anti-aliased or not).

In any case you should be able to trigger the anti-aliasing native to your video card directly from the card drivers. Be aware that turning this on may greatly decrease the performances of the software.

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Thank you for your responses. The problem is, when I attempt to switch on anti aliasing from the card directly (via ATI’s catalyst software) TBS crashes as soon as the workspace loads.

I understand that the final output appears anti aliased, but it is distracting during the creation process to see lines appear jagged. Is there no patch or workaround that can address issues such as this?


Saddly we do not actually control the anti-alias it is purely related to the video card. What the option does is it triggers the option for the specific OpenGL windows. Though most of the ATI card do not support OpenGL2.0 as good as they should so it end up you need to work in Direct3D with most of those cards.

One thing you could check is making sure you have the latest drivers for your ATI card. I know some people were running the catalyst anti-aliasing without any problems so it is either the model power or a driver issue.

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