no sound after save

When I am trying to import two or more different sound bites the second and on are becoming cut (shrink to one frame)after I save the file (all wav). To where I have to edit the sound file and pull the sound file back out. Then I am also getting the famous poping sounds going. Each sound bite is a different element. I am also trying to have the lip-sync doing two different elements for the same mouth. and another sound inbetween. Is there some thing that I am doing worng? I am on windows Vista and TBS 6.0 with import from soundbooth (sample rate at 4800 uncompressed) and first time using any animation software.

Update the Second element is shrinking and the rest go to one frame. Does not matter the sample rate. The sound from the first frame stays good.

A bug in the handling of sound elements was found and fixed recently.

A new build of Toon Boom Studio will be made available this week to fix this problem.

I’m having the same problem with my current project and I was wondering if you could tell me if you fixed it/how to fix it. I’m using Toon Boom Studio 6.0 on a Windows 7 laptop. I import my mp3 as its own element and whenever the sound does not start at frame one, it shrinks back to a single frame after I save the project, and I have to import and move the sound around all over again and when I save it does it again.


The service pack for TBS 6 has been made available for download, and this version has fixed this issue. Simply log into your account and download TBS 6 (the file has been updated on the server). You’ll have to first uninstall the previous version you had, and reinstall the new one, but you shouldn’t have this problem in the newest build.

Hope this helps,


I don;t know where to download it. When I try to buy it (i’ve already got it) and I’ve got to pay for it all over again. WHERE DO I DOWNLOAD IT AT??? Please send me a link to it if possible.

Never mind, I fixed it. Thank you SO SO much! :slight_smile: ;D ;D ;D

Just starting with the new service pack for TBS 6…Hope that works for me!!