No solid lines

Hey! i just decided to get into animating and I wanted to try toon boom harmony. I don’t know what i’m doing at all even though I have watched countless of the tutorials.

  1. Am i supposed to sketch out my key frames and the ink them on this?
  2. when ever i watch tutorials they have solid lines but regardless i use the pencil or brush tool it’s always pixle-ly and not solid.

I get really frustrated when I can’t do things/figure them out because I’m always held to such a high expectations and I’m put under so much pressure to be perfect. If you can help me with this I would be super grateful. (and I bet my computer would be happy not to be punched)

You did not get much out of watching countless tutorials. If you failed a quiz after a lesson you would not think “I 'm always held to high expectations and I’m put under so much pressure to be perfect.” You failed because you did not learn the lesson. You are only frustrated because you have to make the effort to learn something. My suggestion is don’t just watch. Follow along and DO the exercises in the tutorials as well as READ the user guide on a given topic. It is tempting to want to be able to do it NOW NOW NOW but some things are not so simple. If you hold yourself to such a high standard then you should be holding yourself to a high standard when studying not just trying to jump in and do things you don’t bother making the effort to learn about. I am sorry and yet I am not.

Now one place to check for the source of the line transparency is in your color palette window. Double-click on the swatch assigned to your line and make sure that Alpha is set to 255.