No soft eraser Storyboard Pro 5.5

There’s no soft eraser in my eraser presets but according to the online doc, there should be in Storyboard Pro 5.5. Anyone know how I can get the soft eraser for Storyboard Pro 5.5? There’s no setting to change the hardness in the Eraser Properties either.

Hello bahboh,

Are you working in a vector or bitmap layer? According to the Storyboard Pro 5.5 documentation, texture erasers are only available on bitmap layers.

Please find more info here:

hey dstruble, thank you for the response. I looked at that page, but on another page, it shows soft erasers for vector:
on the vector eraser properties window it shows a “soft eraser” and a “very soft eraser”. Is there any way I can download those and load them into my version of storyboard pro? Thank you!