No shortcut for Protect Colour function

Harmony Advanced 22 on Windows.
Protect Colour shortcut doesn’t exist.
(well - it exists in the list of shortcuts, but instead it toggles the “Respect Protected Colours” but that’s not what we need)

When in Keyboard Shortcuts under Colour Management section you will find Protect Colour Value, add your own Shortcut Key.

doesn’t exist in my version (Harmony 22 Advanced):

Sorry, now we know Colour Management Keyboards Shortcuts are a Premium feature.

Haha - well, probably, although it sounds illogical to have the option still available in the basic version, but no shortcut. I assume it’s an overlook…

This might or might not work. If you like and have created/saved your own Shortcuts, you could try editing the xml and add:

 <flavour id="shortcuts-name" Key="Shift+S"/>

Replace shortcuts-name with yours and Shift+S with whatever shortcut is not used. If you do use Shift+S, Toon Boom Harmony Keyboard Shortcuts: Add to Onion Skin and Toggle Protect Colours both use the Shortcut Shift+S you might want to replace or delete them to avoid conflicts.

unfortunately this didn’t work. I tried changing “COLOR” to “COLOUR” (apparently that’s the spelling they use for coloUr) - didn’t help. Could it be that in Harmony 22 the name of that action is somehow different? For faster workflow I am using a button on my Toolbar “Toggle Current Colour Protection” - maybe there is a shortcut for that instead? (see screenshot). Thanks for helping.

This is for that shortcut, does the same.

well, it doesn’t work…