No Scene Manager? :(


I just came across Animate and I think I love it.
It really looks like a dream come true: symbols and nested symbols with all the great pro stuff on top of it! Woo-Hoo!
I have been fiddling around with it only for about 4 hours and all of a sudden… no… can it be true that it doesn’t have a Scene Manager??
Please, tell me this isn’t so…!

When you work on small projects as I often do, being able to save your whole short film in one file is essential.



As you did notice there is no Scene Manager inside Animate. Having specific project for each scenes will allow you to have a much more stable experience with the software since there is less content that needs to be kept in memory (especially since Animate has lot more possibilities and effects then Toon Boom Studio).

There are lots of cheap options to get all those scenes together such as Quicktime Pro (there might also exist free software to do this).



Thank you very much for your answer, Ugo.
I understand fully what you say and of course I know the possibilities there are to put the whole film together.
Still, a lot of animation work is commissioned for small projects, often under a minute long. To have to splice something that short into tiny pieces seems uselessly complicated.
It is not only because of editing reasons, but because of the fact that Animate does not seem to offer any communication between scenes.
You can use templates you saved in the Animate library.
But templates and symbols, if modified in a scene, will have to be copied from scene to scene to be updated (no drag and drop updating, one of the great assets in Flash).
On small projects this is definitely a minus.

Another strange thing, Animate has a frame counter but it does not have a time counter. Or does it?

thanks again,

i can tell your used to a certain work flow in flash. animate is not flash so you will need to adjust your work flow a little and think of new ways of working. If you use your imagination you can come up with all kinds of ways of using animate and you might figure out a work flow that works even better than using scenes in flash. For example: try putting your scenes inside Symbols in animate and then you can just arrange these blocks of “symbol scenes” on your main time line. I’m sure you can come up with something much better than me. I am also coming from flash to animate so I know exactly where your coming from. :slight_smile:

hi Greg
That could be a good idea. True, Flash’s many limitations has forced us to invent all sorts of solutions.
Don’t get me wrong, I am honestly excited about Animate. It’s finally the best of two worlds!
I can live without a Scene Manager (and BTW, without a Time Counter) :slight_smile:
Still, it would be a correct feature for an app that is clearly aimed at both for the studio and the independent animator.
To be noted, Toon Boom Studio has a Scene Manager…
cheers, J.

Hello all.
I’m just curious about it: does Digital Pro have a Scene Manager or similar feature?


I had to do a couple of 30s cartoons.
I use a masterpeg for every scene. If I need anything (like backgrounds or animation) from other films I make a template. This works really good and when all the scenepegs are collapsed it looks very organized.
So there is no need for a scene manager and it is actually better because you have a better overview of your film.
Someone suggested to put a scene in a symbol and thats probably good as well.

Hope it helps.


That’s a Brilliant idea! Thanks for the tip, defiantly going to get some use out of that one.

Ive been doing what Partoon has been doing and with that technique I’m knocking out things very quickly from templates.

Hey thanks for all the feedback!
Partoon’s idea seems really good. I’ll try it. Cheers! J.

i dont really understand this technique parton uses for replacing a scene manager. Could it be explained in a simple to understand way.

(copy/paste from »technical discussion«, delete it, if necessary)

i animated an opener with a camera, selected all layers and dragged them into my library. then i thought i could put the symbol of the opener back into my master-timeline but somehow the camera is lost … the peg is still there …
i wonder why …

thanks for your help!

I’ve played around with Animate long enough now to say that no matter how many solutions you invent, fact is that a simple, no frills Scene Manager, would be very very useful.
It’s, quite simply, missing. No way around it.
Yes, you can make a Peg and then reuse, yes… ok, but it’s not a totally safe way, problems do arise.
And, as I’ve said before, when working on small projects, you want the app to do things fast and clear.
I want to add a scene? Click ‘ADD’. Simple. Boom. Done.

Since this app is so great, it really is, I honestly think this is one of the few improvements it definitely needs.

14greg is there any tutorials on making symbols for scenes i really need help making different scenes with out using sony vegas or quick time pro i dont know too much about symbols but i think it may be easier than trying to buy sony vegas or quick time pro can any one help with a tutorial on using symbol for making diefferent scenes then putting them together for one whole movie?