No Quicktime export after upgrading on macOS Catalina

Hi folks,

does anyone else is affected by this?

I upgraded my iMac on Catailna this weekend and now STB Pro is unable to export Quicktime movies (“Cannot start MediaSettings service: /Applications/Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 6/tba/macosx/bin/MediaSettings”).

Are there any suggestions of workarounds or will there be an update from Toon Boom soon?

All the best from Germany,

Well, hrrmm,

I just read this:

Actually, it’s possible to open my files and work on them but not to export, as I wrote above.
Isn’t there any hint how maybe to relocate or reassign the media settings?

Thanks in advance for any info,

Hello Nils,

Please note that in addition to Storyboard Pro 6 not being supported on macOS Catalina, I do believe that certain features of Quicktime 7 also are no longer being supported on macOS Catalina. This is what is likely causing your issues.

If you’d like further help, I recommend reaching out to

Thanks dstruble,

I think, I have to wait for STB Pro 7 then…

A little suggestion for other Mac users with a similar problem, I figured out a shabby workaround that quite works for me:

Do a screen capture of the STB Pro canvas with Quicktime. If your screen capture doesn’t support sound, you have to export that from your STB Pro file.
Put the movie (and sound) into After Effects (or an editing software you may have, I don’t…) and export it from there.

Shabby, as I said, but as long as you just need a playout for feedback it may work…

Everything is going to be alright.


Okay, forget it! I just got aware that the file I tested the workaround with is the ONLY file I can open and have the sound working (for whatever reason…). So, I can still open the other stuff, too, but all the sound clips remain empty.
Well, I’m really looking forward for STB Pro 7 now…